How We Operate

Confidentially: Visitors’ identities and the contents of their conversations will remain private. Only with permission would Ombudspersons contact other university members to help resolve a dispute. The only exceptions to confidentiality are disclosures of imminent harm to self or others.

Neutrally: Ombudspersons avoid situations in which there may be conflicts of interest – they maintain no personal stake in the outcome of any dispute. The Ombuds Office promotes fair process but does not advocate for individuals.

Informally: The Ombuds Office assists individuals in understanding and evaluating options for managing and resolving conflicts. It has no decision-making authority and maintains no records (other than statistical data). Ombuds Office staff does not participate in formal hearings. Use of the office is strictly voluntary. Individuals cannot be sanctioned for using or not using the Ombuds Office.

Independently: Ombudspersons exercise autonomy regarding their responsibilities. The Ombuds Office reports to the Provost for administrative purposes only.

The Chancellor at the University of Colorado Boulder authorized the Ombuds Office to follow these principles in 2006.

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